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Today I overheard to guys talking about self harm. They said it was pathetic, and only emos did it. They said it was all for the attention, and people who cut themselves always showed up their pathetic cuts. 

The sad thing is, I know them. They’re family friend’s, and have been for years. I walked by them, and told them to stop acting so pathetic. 
They said they knew girls that had cut themselves, so they knew better. I got angry, and told them people who harmed themselves felt worse than they could ever imagine. They laughed in my face, and told me to google self harm pictures and see how pathetic it was.

I walked away, but I came back. I rolled up my sleeves, and I told them to call me pathetic, attention seeking emo. They looked at me, and stopped talking. They just stared at me.

They did not know I was a self harmer, even though they’ve known me since I was kid. Let’s hope their mind changes now.


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Sometimes it takes pure bluntness for someone to realize that someone you know, care about, love may be suffering and they don’t even know it.

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If you want my heart, you need to take my pain too

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